Standing in The Shadows

“When your subject needs the human element, why not step into the composition?”

While on the phone during a walking break, I saw these pleasing branch shapes casting shadows on a concrete wall. I liked the shadows but needed another element. I stepped into the photograph, recomposed, and took several shots with my iPhone 4s.

I am sometimes amazed at how this little 8-megapixel iPhone camera can make such interesting photographs that might take over an hour from ‘click-to-post’ with my heavy SLR camera and my beloved Photoshop. Sure, the SLR gives me tons of creative options and large pristine files, but I can’t stick it in my pocket and blend into the world. Nor can I process a photograph instantly using on-board apps and upload it to the web like I’ve done here.

This truth reminds me once again, that it isn’t actually the camera that makes the picture, it’s the eye. But it’s the camera that gives us a tool of expression and a chance to capture the moments we see. That’s why it’s important to know your camera and be able to set it properly before wonderful moments vanish before your eyes.

To that end,  I created a popular workshop called “Creative Photography With Any Camera“,  where we explore how make excellent photographs no matter what you’re shooting with.

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