Personal Photo Critiques

GROW as a photographer through professional constructive critiques.

The only way to grow as an emerging photographer is to receive good critiques on your ongoing work. But most never receive or avoid real feedback, turning instead to to the limitations of social media groups or friends who are not very objective. What I offer through professional critique is a rounded learning experience, not a superficial response. To each critique I bring expertise gained from over 25 years of photography, portfolio reviews and teaching. We can review individual images, a project series, photo-composites or a portfolio in progress.

I offer my critiques in one of two ways:
1) As an emailed link to my critique screen recording to be viewed privately at your leisure, or
2) As scheduled live phone conversations where we dialog together over work you have shared via link or attached to an email.

“After attending one of Dave’s workshops I was jazzed to keep learning from him… Through his personal critiques, I have learned so much more than I had in years showing my work around and posting in ‘CC’ groups. Dave took the time to not only comment honestly and helpfully on each photo, but also discussed other ways to approach my subjects, my processing, cropping, and even my self doubts. I am now a much better-informed photographer, and show my work with confidence.”

Here is how we work together:

  • Inquire by email, ask any questions you might have, and choose your preferred method of critique.
  • You receive three consecutive months of critiques (up to 20 images per month = 60 images) for $550.
  • You then upload your JPGs or DNGs in a Dropbox, Google Drive or other folder share via link you email to me
  • You will receive an email with a link to my pro critique video viewable on YouTube.
  • My critique addresses all aspects of your photographs, including: composition, point of view, aesthetics, timing, technical feedback, LR or PS processing, specific requests, and anything else I feel you can learn from.
  • You can re-submit individual images or series for a second review at any time
  • Email support for follow-ups and general advice is included.

Contact me for inquiry or to begin.

I'd love to share my knowledge with you.

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