A Pre-visualization Collage Technique in Photoshop






“Making a Photoshop collage is a defined yet flexible process.”

One can approach this with complete spontaneity, like a child with a crayon, or with a methodical approach as seen here.

For client work, I first create a sketch, then once approved, I begin to create or search for my existing visual elements. This technique is called ‘Pre-Visualization’, because one must first think of what one wants to create. It’s a more methodical way of using Photoshop, but still allows for lots of spontaneous discovery and experimentation along the way.

This is my favorite way to work because it lets me see how I need to break a project down into bite-sized steps that I can organize. It lets both sides of my brain oscillate, allowing the linear engineer and the intuitive artist in me trade dominant roles as I work.

white egret wing

Without this methodical process, I could get mired in the many options for each step. And without spontaneity and intuition, the work would lack invention and the creative juice I like to work with.

Everyone is different, so find the path and process that works for you, and practice, practice, practice. If you get stuck in the technical, the creative becomes obscured. When that happens to me, I put the work away for a bit and move onto something new or different.

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