What blog post topics interest you most?


Dear Readers,

As the year is drawing to a close, I am taking a poll to learn what blog post topics, techniques or any content that interests you most.

The options can include (but are not restricted to):

  • Technique:
  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Image Galleries
  • Stories of the making of my images
  • Stories of photography-related travels (with techniques)
  • Creative Inspiration for making Photographs or….
  • Upcoming Workshops, and relevant Publications and Events
  • Image Critiques (images sent in by readers)

By responding via Comments section below, I can learn what you need and create a more useful and meaningful experience for you.

Thanks very much, and enjoy your holiday!

Thinker © David Julian


Sea Poems PSD layers © David Julian


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6 Responses to What blog post topics interest you most?

  1. Will Austin says:

    Hi David, thanks for asking. I like photoshop tricks and techniques, sometimes just little things – like when you taught us how to make the layer thumbs bigger. Textures are interesting, as are blending modes. All good though, love your work and appreciate you sharing your knowledge!

  2. David Julian says:

    Hi Roberta, I do plan to lecture and blog more about this subject. It could take several tutorials to address this art form. A Seattle workshops series devoted to imaginative montage and realistic compositing is being planned for early 2013. Also, a fantastic workshop in Maine this coming June: “Cre­ativity and Invention in Pho­toshop” — A week of shooting on location, learning my compositing and digital darkroom techniques. It will be posted on my website AND here in this blog.

  3. N. Michael Hansen says:

    Lightroom and HDR interest me most.

    • David Julian says:

      Michael, thanks for your feedback. As HDR is so heavily covered on other blogs, I will be offering a single-shot version of multi-shot HDR I call EDR. Extended Dynamic Range uses layered Photoshop ‘Smart Object Layers’ for multi-exposure light-painting from any RAW image. It’s easier than it sounds. A series of Video Tutorials coming soon!

  4. robinscanlon says:

    What interests me is the creative process. I’d love to hear about the steps it takes to get you to the finished image. Travels are wonderful to hear about.

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