An Intuition for Design

“Beauty is not just in the details, but in all things observed with an intent to really see.”

I’ve always been attracted to patterns, from the tiny cracks in weathered paint to the aerial graphic patterns of farmlands seen from a window seat on a plane.

One fine summer day I was driving from Boston to teach my annual summer workshop at Maine Media Workshops in Rockport. Passing some smooth green fields and perfect ponds, I stopped at one to lunch and rest within the zen-like calm of the scene. 
At that time, hardly a cloud marked the sky.

I was feeling more hungry than artistic, yet as I chomped on my deli sandwich, some compositional magic began to appear. A group of cotton-perfect clouds drifted towards a choice composition at the pond. Grabbing my tripod from the trunk, I mounted my 5Dmkll and ever-ready 24-105, I composed the pond in symmetry then waited for the clouds to move into my composition. I was rewarded with a perfect triplet of clouds and their reflection.

The resulting color image was attractive, but seemed more about the purity of color than the form of a triplet reflection to which I was more attracted. Converting the RAW image into precisely-controlled B+W answered my creative goal, and the image came to life. Serene, balanced, meditative, optimistic, clean and graphic. Learn to recognize a scene’s potential, anticipate what will change, and be ready for a moment. Join me in a creative photography workshop and learn to use your intuition to capture your own magic!

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