David Julian : Publications in printed and online media

“Photographing The Heart of Cuba  FUJILOVE Magazine  8/16  >> PDF

“A Creative Mind” with David Julian: Interview by Ron Henry @ BlackRapid  6/14  >> Listen

“Photoshop Compositing with David Julian: THE FIX podcast with Sean Duggan 8/15  >> Listen

David Julian’s Strange Beauty”  After Capture Magazine  magazine 11/10  >> PDF

Transformation: What’s Inside”  After Capture Magazine  magazine  11/10    >>  PDF

“The Conceptual Imagery Of David Julian”  Digital Photographer  magazine  12/09  >> PDF

Note from a Creative Soul: Inspiration and ideas”  Double Exposure  magazine 7/07  >> PDF

The Creative Process”   Digital Photo Pro magazine  1/07  >> PDF

“A Different Light”   Digital Photo Pro magazine  7/06>> PDF

“Secrets Shared”   PC Photo magazine  6/05>> PDF

“What We Fear Inside”  P.E.I. magazine  11/02 >> PDF

Interview in PhotoNet with Lisa Surati  8/02 >> here

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