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David Julian photographs on Steptoe Butte, WAGrowing up in Boston, I wanted to become a scientist, but soon pursuits of more tangible creativity steered me towards artistic exploration.

After a few years of working and studying at Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology and the BioLabs, I earned a BFA in communications design from Pratt Institute and honed my skills as an art director and designer for the music and cable divisions of TimeWarner.

While at HBO, my adventures led me to travels in Latin America and the Caribbean, where I documented tropical forest ecosystems for The Rainforest Alliance, to support conservation efforts with sponsorship from FujiFilm, TimeWarner and Nikon. I loved the jungle by day and especially at night. Alive, beautiful, unpredictable and expansive. There were golden opportunities back in the urban jungle too, in the form of access to the creative riches of emerging digital tools. I learned to merge my photographic and illustrative skills by diving deep into Photoshop.

In the mid-90s, I moved to Seattle for access water for kayaking and live in the scenic environmentally progressive west. I’ve freelanced since ’94 as a photographer, photo-illustrator and digital imaging instructor.

In 2001, I discovered my passion for teaching creativity when invited to teach at the Santa Fe Workshops. My first workshop filled and I was hooked on the experience. Since then, I have lead creative workshops at twelve US locations, and four in Mexico and Canada. My teaching method blends technical skills with intuition, inspiration and artistic vision. I enjoy helping others develop the ability to reach their creative goals. (see my Workshops page for listings, past and present workshops and student testimonials.)

I publish articles in magazines such as Nikon World, After Capture, PRINT, Communication Arts, Archive, Digital Photo Pro, Rangefinder, PC Photo, PhotoMedia, Shots, Layers, and in many books and websites. Active as a portfolio consultant and beta tester, I have built an ‘in-kind’ relationship with CanonUSA, LensBaby, Wacom Pen Tablets, Honl Photo, APhotofolio, OnOne Software, Alien Skin Software, Focal Press and Photoshelter so my students can explore their creativity and great products. To engage my community, I co-founded and present at the nation’s second largest Photoshop User Group, a Meetup sponsored by Adobe in Seattle.

When not working in my studio filled with favorite collections, I travel, kayak, dance and teach private and public destination workshops. My full website is here .

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