Creative Photography Workshops and Mentoring with Dave

Learn Photography, Photoshop and Lightroom from a professional photographer and educator.  My patient, paced teaching style has helped hundreds learn with confidence and tackle creative goals. I offer the collective learning of small-group workshops or the tailored guidance of private sessions. I prioritize your learning style and your needs.

Dave works individually with emerging photographers and photographic artists:
David Julian workshops tintype headshot ©2015 Daniel Carrillo• Choosing the right camera system, lenses and accessories
Professional Critiques

Photography fundamentals:
 Camera settings and custom functions
 Composition and owning the frame
Improve your Landscape, Travel, Street, Portrait or Macro photography
Lightroom: Taking control of your image library as well as expert devlopment
• Photoshop: Work precisely on photographs or create composite montages with control and confidence
• Kickstart your innate creativity when stuck (yes, you do have it in you!)
• From Hobby to Business: What you need to know to make the shift
Brand your creative business and begin to market your work
Discover your personal style and build creative momentum

Creative Photographic Workshops:

Title Location Date Status
 Professional Critique sessions with Dave Seattle or Online Anytime Details Here
Camera+Lightroom_Icon Intentional Travel and Street Photography Maine (5 days) July 2-7, 2017 1 space left
Lightroom-LR-logo-icon Lightroom Mastery Levels 1 & 2 Seattle July 29+30, 2017 Enrolling Now
Photoshop icon logo Photoshop for Photographers: Levels 1 & 2 Seattle Fall 2017 TBA Email interest
Camera+Lightroom_Icon Photographing Palouse at Harvest Eastern WA August TBA Email interest
  Outdoor Portrait Lighting With Speedlights Seattle Fall 2017 TBA Email interest
  Intentional Street Photography Seattle (1 day) August 12, 2017 Email interest
  Autumn Photography and Creativity in Lightroom Maine October 1-6, 2017 Registering
  A Photographer’s Journey Through Rajasthan India Oct 25- Nov 9, 2017 1 space left
“The Art and Soul of Cuba” 2017 Tour Cuba Dec. 13-22, 2017 4 spaces left
Camera+Lightroom_IconPhotoshop icon logo  Custom Individual Instruction Skype / Local Ongoing Email interest

1. Group workshops provide full immersion into a fun, creative collective learning experience. You’ll benefit from sharing ideas, inspiration and knowledge with other experienced artists. My multi-day workshops offer the opportunity to work in desirable locations to learn while shooting, and gain important insights through group photo reviews. Students also receive individual coaching.

Independent learning
with me allows us to fully customize the experience to fit your learning style, pace, and any other specific needs. We have the freedom and direct focus to follow the moment, shoot together and review images. We work at my location, in the field or at your home. You can also bring current projects or images to work on.

3. Online learning via Skype with shared screens in scheduled sessions. Similar to #2 above, we address your specific needs at your convenience, right from your location. Skype is a free app, and easy to set up in minutes. Contact me to inquire about price and scheduling sessions.

Gift Certificates for Custom Learning are a great gift for nurturing creative growth. Be a giver!

~ Student Reviews: Learn what past students have experienced in my workshops.


LIGHTROOM MASTERY with All-Day Guidance, LEVELS 1 & 2

Seattle, July 29 & 30, 2017

Japanese-garden-in-Fall-900x599Why learn Adobe Lightroom CC? Simply because it’s the most powerful suite of Photographer’s tools available. It’s also incredibly efficient, intuitive and fun to use once you learn how to use it. But many need guidance to get started.

This weekend workshop teaches photography enthusiasts and professionals how to use Lightroom CC as a perfect partner. Saturday introduces the essentials of Lightroom, importing, organizing and image correction. Sunday dives deep into professional workflows, automating tasks, pro development, printing and exporting images for any use. We also explore how LR can create slideshows, online galleries and photo books. Using follow-along demonstrations, examples and guided practice, participants will be able to master their own digital workflows to organize, expertly develop and display photography. Many workshops are ‘watch only’ which means you’re mainly taking notes. These workshops are hands-on demos with practice and guidance. Plus you keep the files. That’s how people really learn.

Click here to see more details and to register for: Lightroom for Photographers



Next dates TBA

t Marshall Pt Light

Photoshop CC is hands down the world’s most creative tool for photographers. Photoshop CC lets you turn ordinary photos into extraordinary images as well as explore and experiment intuitively. These demonstration and hands-on workshops are focused towards photographers seeking to transform their RAW images into professionally-crafted photographs or composited artworks. Through organized, paced demonstration and follow-along tutorials, participants sharpen their skills to confidently dive into creative projects. With patient guidance, I’ll help you learn Photoshop CC for professional results. If you do not own Photoshop CC, you can download the free trial, or use your version for this workshop. Other ‘bargain’ workshops are Watch only, but mine are hands-on learning with all-day guidance. That’s how people really learn.

Click here to see more details and to register for: Creative Photoshop for Photographers

EXPLORING THE PALOUSE HARVEST with David Julian  :  Eastern Washington

August 2017     Dates TBA

The Palouse. With miles of country roads, rolling hills of wheat and canola, and remnants of rugged country life, this is a prime bucket-list location every landscape and travel photographer must enjoy. We don’t just show you where and how to capture the landscape, we work with local people to provide an informative Palouse experience. We include dawn and sunrise shooting, farm history and equipment, historic homes, night shooting, and all the rusty trucks, barns and silos we can fit into our memory cards.

We will lead a hands-on workshops for 4 days that cover some of the region’s best locations, in the best light and instruct you in editing of your images in Lightroom. Plus, for your convenience and to raise less dust, we will be traveling daily in our own air-conditioned van.
This custom small-group workshop is limited to ten.

Contact me to inquire.


Flash on location
This hands-on workshop in Seattle will introduce photographers to techniques and tools for lighting portraits outdoors using small dedicated flash units and the best light modification tools. The objective is to learn and control both natural and added light for a balanced, professional look.

This workshop is perfect for those seeking professional portrait lighting with minimal burden to use anywhere in the world, outdoors or inside. We won’t be using heavy, expensive gear and calculations: Portability and ease of use is our primary focus. Workshop is taught by two professional photographers. Other ‘bargain’ workshops are Watch only, but mine are hands-on learning with all-day guidance. That’s how people really learn. More info coming as we finalize this new workshop.

Contact me to inquire


July 2-7, 2017  at Maine Media Workshops, Rockport Maine

Join me to learn, practice and enjoy new ways for making compelling travel and street photographs. Our learning begins with a constructive review of student works to help set goals for the week. We gain further inspiration from images Dave has gathered from several brilliant international photographers. With set goals and serendipitous light, we explore favorite Maine locations and visit local folk to find photogenic opportunities and practice skills. Throughout the week, discussions focus on tuning in, setting intentions, approaching strangers, connecting or not, and designing the frame. Demos include research, preparation, equipment choices, shooting style, POV, timing the moment, and modifying available light. We also experiment with intentional blur, flowing action, backlighting and working at night. Reviews of our location captures deepen the cycle of learning. By week’s end, each student shares a collection of their best images, and contributes to our workshop album. I’ll also also demonstrate expert workflows in Lightroom and NIK plugins to help students refine their captures and imbue them with personal style. 

ONE SPACE LEFT: Click here for all workshop details and registration for: The Art of Intentional Travel and Street Photography



October 1-6  2017, at Maine Media Workshops, Rockport Maine


This workshop is perfect for emerging and experienced photographers who are driven to craft better photographs. Our week is a marriage of guided shooting and learning the best of Adobe Lightroom. Through presentations, demos, reviews and coaching, Dave builds an immersive week exploring creativity. On shooting trips to record the colorful light and characters of mid-coastal Maine, Dave shares professional techniques for capturing the unique qualities of each subject we encounter. Returning to the digital lab with fresh images and excitement, participants learn how to harness the power of Lightroom to optimally develop ‘keepers’ or transform them into alternative image styles.

  • Lightroom topics we explore will include a review of Lightroom essentials, plus:
  • Organizing, culling and creating manual and automated collections
  • Expert RAW development for color, contrast, presence
  • Controlling sharpness, noise, and haze and distortion
  • Precise B+W conversions and split-toning
  • Experimental development guided by aesthetics, plus Automation with presets
  • Exporting and sharing via slideshows, videos, web galleries and prints
  • Students end the week with a deepened understanding of creative possibilities, efficient workflows, unforgettable memories and a refreshed passion for personal and professional photography.

Click here for all workshop details and registration for: Autumn Photography and Creative Lightroom in Maine


THE ART AND SOUL OF CUBA:  December 13-22, 2017

Join us in Cuba a uniquely-designed tour for photography enthusiasts and culture lovers.

Red Car, Proud owner, Havana, CubaThis tour is for photography enthusiasts and cultural travelers alike. You’ll be humbled by the warmth and generosity of Cuba’s people, and you’ll experience first hand why Cuba and it’s proud and resilient people capture the heart of avid travelers. This is a specially-priced tour that includes all lodging, transportation, access, guidance and most meals.
We stay in government-licenses family-owned Casa Particulares, which is the very best way to have an authentic Cuban experience. I will provide photographic guidance daily as we travel and shoot. There are also options for the non-photographer, such as cooking, dance, museums, shopping, beaching, and wandering in amazement!
A limited number of single room supplements are available.  To provide the best experience, our group is limited to ten travelers.  Here is our detailed tour brochure!



SUPaddler at sunset, Kauai-6 This popular workshop is for anyone wishing to create beautiful photographs with whatever digital camera they own, from dSLR to featured compact. You will be fully immersed in photography for a weekend of discovery through presentations, demonstrations, inspiration and practice. With guided shooting, you will learn creative camera settings while tuning your eyes and awareness. Based on your needs, I introduce my techniques for capturing nature, macro, people, still life, travel, action and experiments in personal vision.

Contact me to inquire




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  1. Cindi Soderman says:

    Hello!! I am interested in the photography trip in October. Can you give me more deatails, length of stay and cost? Thanks

  2. Matthew says:

    Dear Mr. Julian.
    I am interested in learning how to use Adobe Lightroom. I have taken several courses and did not have any success. My most difficult problem is your Level I: setting up catalog preference and importing from SD cards, flash drives, and CD and also to take the photos from the Lightroom files and put them back into flash drives.
    Do I need to get an Adobe Lightroom set up in my laptop and bring my Laptop to your class.

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  4. Merrill Mack says:


    I would be interested in learning the techniques used in your photo illustations. I am a fairly decent photographer, have knowledge of my camera and my photoshop skills are probably considered mediocre although I know a little about a lot things. Are any of your upcoming workshops teaching these techniques.

    • David Julian says:


      Are you ready to learn some Photoshop Illustration with me via remote Shared Desktop?

      I’ve been teaching remotely that way and its working very well.
      We use Skype and shared screens.

      If so, please get in touch.

      thanks, Dave

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