My Photoshop Process : A Revealing Collaboration

Duggan's book DJ spread on Sky 6k

Recently, I received a little gift— a chance to slow down, reflect on my favorite creative Pho­toshop tech­niques and recall how my artistic style emerged from grade-school experiments.

This collaboration began with an email from artist/author/instructor Seán Duggan. We had met a few summers ago while both teaching Photography and Photoshop at Maine Media Workshops, and revealed that we admired each others’ work. In his email, he asked if I would like to con­tribute to “Pho­toshop Masking and Com­positing”, a new Pho­toshop book he was co-writing with digital artists Katrin Eismann and James Porto.

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Photoshop, Pixels and Prizes, Oh my!

"Captive Wishes" by David Julian

  Our presentation at Adobe to about 175 artist members of SAPUG was a big success.  I truly enjoyed sharing my approach to Photoshop artistry using some of my most popular works as examples. A focus on my creative process and techniques filled out our two-hour meeting. It’s always a pleasure to meet fellow creatives eager to learn and push their abilities. We also raffled away some OnOne Software packs to some lucky members, and we’ll certainly do … more >>